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Agile Business Intelligence DataWarehousing and COTS [TOP]

Agile Big Data Analytics: The Art of the Possible, part 1
Agile ERP: “You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone!”
Big Data Agile Analytics case study
Custom Off The Shelf Projects
Testing Agile DataWarehouses and Business Intelligence
Tips for Editing Pentaho Auto-Generated OLAP Models
Agile Business Intelligence DataWarehousing and COTS Books

Agile Hardware [TOP]

Agile Hardware – doing it at the PCB level
Agile hardware development – nonsense or necessity?
Agile Project Development at Intel: A Scrum Odyssey [PDF warning!]
Application of Scrum Methods to Hardware Development [PDF warning!]
Developing a Solar Car with Scrum
Joe Justice on Agile Manufacturing
Scrum in Hardware
The Goal Of An Agile Hardware Team
The Starting Point for Agile Hardware (That No One Thinks About)
Top 10 questions when using Agile on hardware projects
Yes, Hardware Can Be Agile!

Agile Organizations [TOP]

How to Build a Transparent Company the Buffer Way
Open Salaries at Buffer
Why Radical Transparency Is Good for Business
Agile Organizations Books

Agile Outside of Software [TOP]

Agile for remodelling your house
Building The Empire State Building – The Tyranny of the Plan – Mary Poppendieck
Developing a Solar Car with Scrum
FloraHolland uses Scrum to manage business change
GE Builds Engines using Scrum
Kanban for Kids/Homework
Kanban for Lawyers
Lean in the Lawfirm
Non-IT Kanban Implementation at Scale
NPR Uses Agile for program planning (i.e. radio programs, not software)
Scrum at Home
Your Family, Agile and You
Agile Schools

Anti-Patterns [TOP]

Bad Habit #5: Constantly pushing the team to deliver faster
Finding the Truth Behind Minimum Viable Products
Improving Agile Software Practice [PDF warning!]
Which Best Practice Is Ruining Your Business?

Burndowns [TOP]

Hours-Remaining Burndown Charts: An Agile Anti-Pattern?
Scrum By Example – The Trouble with Sprint Burndowns
Why Burn-up Chart Is Better Than Burn-down Chart

Case Studies [TOP]

Adobe Premiere Pro Scrum Adoption [PDF warning!]
Agile Transformation @
An Agile Adoption and Transformation Survival Guide
Evolving to Agile – Matt Block [PDF warning!]
How Nokia Lost the Smartphone Battle [PDF warning!]
InfoQ interview with John Deere Agile Coach
John Deere – Bigger Picture
John Deere and Agile (audio interview)
John Deere Plows into Agile
Making a Difference: a Case Study of Change in the Public Sector
Rebooting Agile @ GE Transportation [PDF warning!]
Scrum Case Studies – site
Seven Changes to Remove Waste From Your Software Development Process
What Has Nokia Done Right and Wrong?
When the VP is a Scrum Master, You Hit the Ground Running [PDF warning!]
Who Killed Nokia? Nokia Did

Culture [TOP]

Driven away by hypocrisy: when endorsing a caring workplace backfires for leaders
HBR How Employee Engagement Hits the Bottom Line
How Damaging Is a Bad Boss, Exactly? – Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman
Strategies for Learning from Failure – Amy C. Edmondson

Daily Scrum Ideas [TOP]

A Tale of Two Daily Scrums
Daily Scrum is a Waste of Time (or Daily Scrum and Electronic Tools)
Daily Standup Variations
It’s Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings
Making the Daily Standup Work
Revive Your Daily Standup
Scrum By Example: The Daily Standup
Should the Daily Standup Be Person-by-Person or Story-by-Story?
Stand Up and Shut Up
Stuck in an overlong Agile stand up? Try the two hands rule

Definition of Done [TOP]

Definition of Done creation exercise
Multiple Levels of Done
What is Definition of Done (DoD)?

Distributed Teams [TOP]

12 ways to improve cross-office collaboration
A Guiding Principle and 8 Tips on Remote Team Performance Management
Agile in Dispersed or Distributed Teams
Building or Maintaining Agility in Geographically Distributed
Case study: Distributed Scrum Project for Dutch Railways
Co-located teams versus Remote teams, Key Considerations
Distributed Portfolio Steering with Flowdock
Distributed? Yes. Alone? No.
Enabling Distributed Agile Teams
How Rally Does … Distributed Agile Meetings
How to Build Strong Relationships in a Remote Team
How We Do It: Remote Pair Programming
Laying firm foundations for new distributed teams with 2-2-Go
Lessons from Successful Remote Culture at Etsy
Managing Timezones in Geographically Distributed Agile Teams
Multi-Site and Distributed Retrospectives
Notes on Distributed Retrospectives
Remote Interview: Facilitate Distributed Agile Teams with Mark Kilby
Remote Working – 3 Year Retrospective
Remotely Agile: The Buddy System
Start Your Geographically Distributed Projects Right
Stories of Collaboration in Remote Teams
Swarming Across Distance
Telecommuting, Hoteling, and Managing Product Development
Tools for Distrubted Agile Retrospectives
Virtual icebreakers for remote teams
Distributed Teams Books

Embedded Agile [TOP]

Agile Embedded Software Development, what’s wrong with it?
Agile Methods and Firmware Development [PDF warning!]
On hardware dependencies and scrum

Estimation [TOP]

Additional Benefits of Estimation
Anchoring and its effect on Estimation
Let’s Play Planning Poker!
Schedule Estimation and Uncertainty Surrounding the Cone of Uncertainty [PDF warning!]
Story of a new team member learning how to Estimate
When I’ve Skipped Estimates
Wideband delphi
Planning Poker

Finance [TOP]

Beyond Budgeting Case Study – Favi
Why Should Agilists Care About Capitalization?

Games to understand and teach Agile [TOP]

Games to understand and teach Agile
Marshmallow challenge used to illustrate the value of small experiments and incremental architecture

General [TOP]

Change Happens—So Make it Cheaper
Increasing Effort is Unsafe in Too Many Ways
Is Offshoring Less Expensive? Exposing Another Management Myth
Scrum Without Removing Impediments Isn’t Scrum

Government and Agile [TOP]

2012 Fall Agile in Defense Workshop.
Agile and the UK Government
Agile at the Office of Personnel Management
Agile Delivery for Agencies Programs & Teams
Agile in the US Department of Defense
DoD Goes Agile
Government Guidelines for Agile Adoption
Government tenders for agile digital developers
Not just the government’s playbook
The Agility Advantage; A Survival Guide for Complex Enterprises and Endeavors [PDF warning!]
US Government CIO Playbook – very agile friendly
Government and Agile Books

ITIL and Agile [TOP]

Agile and ITIL are ‘complementary partners’
ITIL Change Management and SCRUM

Interesting Examples of Agile in Use [TOP]

Agile in a Mainframe and Cobol world
Nordstorm build an App in 1 week with real customer feedback constantly

Job Posts - Hiring - Interviews [TOP]

Agile Project Manager Job Description (unintentionally bad)
Bad Job Posts (Agile and otherwise)
Essential ScrumMaster Interview Questions
Extreme Interviewing – pdf (Menlo Innovations) [PDF warning!]
Here’s Google’s Secret to Hiring the Best People
Hiring Remote Workers
Hiring Technical People Blog – Johanna Rothman
How Google Hires
On treating people well and improving retention (Google)
People Retention Practices at Google
Recognizing Agile Candidates
Scrum Master Job Postings – Why They Are Wrong!
There’s a problem with assuming the most intelligent candidates make the best employees
What Questions Do You Have For Me?
Work with us, not for us
Writing a Better ScrumMaster Job Description
You’ll Never Work Alone (Menlo Innovations)
Job Posts - Hiring - Interviews Books

Kanban [TOP]

10 kanban boards and their context – version 1.2
Collaborating with specialized roles using kanban classes of service
Does Your Grocery Store Limit Work in Progress?
Don’t Panic – How to ensure you limit your WIP
Elements of an Effective Scrum Task Board
Encouraging Feature-level progress tracking in Kanban
Map Your Current Process with Kanban
Map Your Current process with Kanban
Queuing and Limiting Work In Progress in Stores
Tracking Schedule Progress in Agile
Value really does trump flow – even really bad flow
Visualization Tools (Scrum Task Walls, CFD et al)
Visualizing Agile Projects using Kanban Boards
WIP Limit Defintion
Cumulative Flow Diagrams
Kanban Books

Lean [TOP]

Lean Books

Learning [TOP]

Increase Learning with 10% Autonomy Time

Managers in Scrum [TOP]

Functional Managers in Agile
Leading vs. Managing in a Scrum Environment
Linking Agile to HR
Reinventing Management – Steve Denning
Scaling The Happiness Index
The Role of The Manager in Scrum
What do Middle Managers Do in Agile
Where Does a Project Manager Fit in Scrum – Part 1
Where Does a Project Manager Fit in Scrum – Part 1 – includes an exercise you can play with your team
Why we need Managers
Managers in Scrum Books

Metrics and Measurement [TOP]

An Appropriate Use of Metrics
Be careful how often you measure
Bell Curves and Measuring Badly
Beyond the Happy Bubble
Data driven coaching – Agile 2016
Excel Spreadsheet for Hyperproductive Scrum Teams
How Accountants Kill Innovation
If You Can’t Measure It, You’d Better Manage It.
Measurement for Scrum – What are Appropriate Measures?
Measuring Team Performance
Metrics don’t have to be evil
Metrics for Agile
Patrick Kau – on the Appropriate Use of Metrics
Red, Yellow, Green or RYG/RAG Reports: How They Hide the Truth
Scrumming the Scrum (the use of happiness as a Metric in Retrospectives)
Solving the Hairy Problem of Team Dependencies [PDF warning!]
The Agile Acid Test
The Happiness Metric and a Few Others
Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics
Why Vanity Metrics are Dangerous: Holding a Mirror Up to Your Measures of Success
Metrics and Measurement Books

Multi-tasking and Interruptions [TOP]

Academic Publications on Multi-tasking
High Cost of Interruptions
Interruptions – a minute is never a minute [PDF warning!]
Multitasking Gets You There Later
Mutltitasking Hurts Performance but Makes You Feel Better
Slack: Getting Past Burnout, Busywork and the Myth of Total Efficiency
The Multi-Tasking Myth
This is What Heavy Multitasking Could Be Doing To Your Brain
What Multitasking Does to Your Brain
Why Multitasking Doesn’t Work
Learning Games
Multi-tasking and Interruptions Books

Non-Technical Descriptions of Agile Engineering Practices [TOP]

Agile Testing: Nine Principles and Six Concrete Practices for Testing on Agile Teams [PDF warning!]
Driving Development with Tests: ATDD and TDD [PDF warning!]
Making TDD Stick: Problems and Solutions for Adopters
Manager’s Introduction to Test-Driven Development
Scrum by Example – Technical Debt is Slowing the Team
Technical Debt a Perspective for Managers

Organizational Change [TOP]

“Because Our Competitors Are” is No Reason to Become an Agile Organization
Agile Change or Adoption Always Starts with Why
Agile practices in a traditional environment [PDF warning!]
Promoting Agile in a Waterfall Culture
Reinventing Organizations – Video
Taking Organizational Improvement Seriously – Case Study
Taking Organizational Improvement with Scrum Seriously
Organizational Change Books

Organizations Without Managers [TOP]

Whole Organizational Change

Outsourcing [TOP]

Outsourcer Says: Do Not Outsource

Production Support [TOP]

How Rally Flowdock Does Support
Illegitimus Non Interruptus
ScrumMaster Tales Story of Production Support
Using Failure demand to understand what the real support issues are and eliminating them

Psychological Safety [TOP]

Why psychological safety matters and what to do about it

Release Planning [TOP]

Rapid Release Planning Session & Workshop [PDF warning!]
Release Planning – Energized at Work
Release Planning in Scrum – Alan Atlas
Release Planning Workshop – Roman Pichler
Scrum and Release Planning – Joe Little

Resources [TOP]

Agile Mailig Lists – a list of places to go and ask Agile Questions
Agile User Groups Canada

Responsibility [TOP]

Chris Avery interviewed at InfoQ on Responsibility over Accountable
Responsibility is a virus
Responsibility Process Model

Retrospectives [TOP]

7 Step Agenda for an Effective Retrospective
Catalog of Retrospective Activities
Designing Valuable Agile Retrospectives
Getting business value out of Agile Retrospectives
How we do large scale retrospectives
Ideas on How to Build Effective Retrospectives
Meeting Ground Rules Updated
Multi-Site and Distributed Retrospectives
Plans for Retrospectives
Retrospective Tools and Ideas – James Carr
Retrospective Wiki
Retrospectives. Simply Better Than Sex.
Safety Checks
Safety Checks How to Run Them
Sailboat Retrospective
SaMoLo (Same of; More of; Less of)
SMART Goal Setting
Sprint Retrospective Techniques
Sprint Retrospectives Techniques – Even More
The Retrospective Handbook
Two more ways to gather data in retrospectives
Using Scrum to Improve Scrum
Retrospectives Books

Root Cause Analysis [TOP]

5 Whys
An Example of Root Cause Saving Time Later
Determine the Root Cause: 5 Whys
How to Use an A3 in an Agile Transformation
Root Cause Analysis Tracing a Problem to its Origins
To Get To The Root Of A Hard Problem, Just Ask “Why” Five Times

Scaling and Large Teams [TOP]

A holistic approach to scaling agile at Salesforce
Enterprise Scrum Introduction
Examples Showing How You Can Scale Scrum
How to Run HUGE Retrospectives Across Dozens of Teams in Multiple Time Zones
Microsoft’s 16 Keys To Being Agile At Scale
Q&A with David Mole and Sandy Mamoli of Trade Me on Migrating to Spotify’s Squad Model
Readings for Managers Thinking About Scaling
Running big retrospectives at Spotify
Scaling Agile @ Spotify with Tribes, Squads, Chapters & Guilds
Surprise: Microsoft Is Agile
Vertical Slices and Scale
You might have too many developers
Forming Teams
Scaling and Large Teams Books

Scrum for Research [TOP]

Agile Methods in Research [PDF warning!]
Agile Research
Agile Research Discussed Conceptually
Agile Research LinkedIn Group
Device Research, the Agile Way
How can a team working on research based items work in an Agile project?
Scrum for Research [PDF warning!]

Scrum in Healthcare [TOP]

Jeff Sutherland’s Papers

ScrumMaster Role [TOP]

42 Tasks for a Scrum Master’s Job
8 hours a day of Scrum Master stuff ?
A Scrum Master is Not a Project Manager by Another Name
Books for Newly Minted ScrumMasters
Facilitation tools
ScrumMaster for Three Teams? What are the Alternatives?
ScrumMaster’s Checkist – Most well known list of ScrumMaster tasks
What is Success for a Scrum Master?
What ScrumMaster is not
Why can’t the ScrumMaster and the Project Manager be the same person
ScrumMaster Role Books

Security and Scrum [TOP]

Product Security Risk Management in Agile Product Management [PDF warning!]

Self Organization [TOP]

10 Warning Signs, that your team is not self-organizing
Creative Forces for Self Organizing Teams (pdf) [PDF warning!]
Human Systems Dynamics [PDF warning!]
Misconceptions about Self-Organizing Teams, from @estherderby
Monitoring ‘self-managing’ employees may provoke negative work behaviours
Psychology of Teams (pdf) [PDF warning!]
Self-organization, and how it can be improved through team composition
Self-Organizing Teams: What and How
So — What Exactly is “Self-Organized”?
What Are Self-Organising Teams?
Self Organization Books

Sprint Goal [TOP]

7 Sprint Goal Patterns for Building Great Teams, Part One
7 Sprint Goal Patterns for Building Great Teams, Part Two
A Template for Formulating Great Sprint Goals
Effective Sprint Goals

Sprint Length Tradeoffs [TOP]

Choosing a Sprint Length – Shorter Trumps Longer
Choosing the proper sprint length in Scrum

Sprint Planning [TOP]

Breaking Stories down into tasks
Don’t Estimate Stories In Sprint Planning
Gut feel is as important as the velocity and other numbers for effective commitment
Illegitimus Non Interruptus
Scrum By Example: Planning for Production Support
Sprint Tasking Tips

Strategy Deployment [TOP]

Agile at Scale with Hoshin Kanri
How Rally Does Strategy Deployment
How Rally Does… Annual and Quarterly Planning
Kanban Deployment with the X-Matrix
Strategy Deployment: the Secret Sauce for Enterprise Agility

Systems Thinking [TOP]

A Short Intro to Systems Thinking (pdf) [PDF warning!]
Archetypes in Systems Thinking
Beyond Connecting the Dots
How to break the first rule of systems thinking
Peter Senge and the learning organization
Russ Ackoff (helped establish Systems Thinking) – a short video
Systems Thinking
Systems Thinking Applied – A Primer (pdf – ~50 pages) [PDF warning!]

Task/Story Wall [TOP]

A Visual Control for the Masses – A Task Board
Elements of an Effective Scrum Task Board
Elements of taskboard design
Sample Scrum Wall
The inherent power of the TaskBoard
Using Visual Signals to promote collaboration
Why Physical Task Boards Still Matter

Team Rooms [TOP]

Agile Office Spaces
Designing Spaces for collaboration
The Architecture of Collaboration
The Motley Fool
Working Together In “War Rooms” Doubles Teams’ Productivity

Team Working Agreements [TOP]

Agile Team Working Agreements How To Guide
Creating A Team Working Agreement
Example of Team Agreements List
Example Working Agreement
Norms, Values, Working Agreements, Simple Rules
Team Agreements
Team Ground Rules and Working Agreements
What is a team ground rule or team working agreement

Teams [TOP]

Adding Women Makes Your Group Smarter — The Evidence Keeps Growing
Agile team evaluation
Book Review: The Wisdom of Teams
Feature vs Component Teams
Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances – The Five Keys to Successful Teams
New People on Your Project
Scrum By Example – New People on the Team
Self Selecting Teams
Six Common Misperceptions About Teamwork
Team Perfomance Measures
The Myth of the Rockstar Programmer
Using rotation to encourage collaboration
When does group conflict lead to better performance?
Why Teams Don’t Work

Testing [TOP]

End-To-End Testing Considered Harmful
End-to-End Testing Considered Harmful: A Q&A with Steve Smith
Testing for Non-Testers

Transformation and Transitions [TOP]

A culture that attracts quality candidates
How Google changed a Development Culture from avoiding Test in Development to embracing it and test automation
Three Organisational Transformation Modes
What Managers Can Do To Support Agile Transformations
Why We Hate Change
Transformation and Transitions Books

Understanding People [TOP]

Dan Pink on Motivation: RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
Dangers of Extrinsic Rewards
David Rock on good habits for a productive day
Decision Making Flaw in Powerful People
Delivering Effective Feedback
Does great performance depend on enjoying your work?
Evidence for the greater value of Cross Training
Management by Fear Isn’t an Effective Lever
Netflix lets its staff take as much holiday as they want, whenever they want – and it works
Neuro-Diversity and Ideas on Designing Workspaces
Oh We have advanced beyond Scrum
Resistance As A Resource
Situational Leadership
Status Certainity Autonomy Relatedness and Fairness – A model to replace Maslows Hierarchy of Needs
Surprising Link between Power and Punishment
T-Shaped People
The Unexpected Challenge of Unlimited Vacation Time
Understanding People Books

Why not work 50-60 hrs a week [TOP]

Maybe Don’t Be So Smug About Your Long Hours at the Office
Scrum By Example – Overtime on a Scrum Team is an Unhealthy Sign
The Maxwell Curve: Getting more production by working less!
The Research Is Clear: Long Hours Backfire for People and for Companies
Why We Have to Go Back to a 40-Hour Work Week to Keep Our Sanity

Writers and Scrum [TOP]

A Writer’s Guide to Surviving Agile Software Development
Agile and Tech Comm: Viewing Scrum from a Writer’s Eyes
How should technical writers fit within a Scrum team?
How To Thrive As an Agile Tech Writer
Scrum and the Single Writer