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A/B Testing [TOP]

AA Testing (i.e. not A/B)

Agile Contracts [TOP]

10 Contracts for your next agile project (slides)
10 Contracts for your next Agile Software Project
Agile contracts
Agile Contracts Primer
Agile Contracts: InfoQ
Agile Contracts: Money for Nothing and Your Change for Free
Agile Team Meets a Fixed Price Contract
An overview of Agile Contracts
Commercial Contracts: Guarantees, Commitments and Risks
Contracting for Agile development projects
Contracting for Agile Software Projects
Create Flexible Contracts
I’m Agile But My Contract Isn’t: How to Align Contracts with Agile Software Development Teams
Published Patterns: Change for Free
Published Patterns: Money for Nothing
The Norwegian Computer Society’s contract standards
Agile Contracts Books

Backlog Grooming/Refinement [TOP]

Backlog Grooming – Definition from Agile Alliance
Backlog Grooming Bugs Me
Backlog Grooming: Who, When and How
Evidence for the Effectiveness of Good Backlog Refinement
Grooming the Product Backlog
How to Hold an Effective Backlog Grooming Session
How to improve Scrum Backlog Refinement?
Scrum By Example – Product Backlog Refinement in Action
Scrum By Example: Ill Prepared going into to Sprint Planning. Consequences?
When Should Product Backlog Grooming Take Place?

Business Analyst in Scrum [TOP]

Business Analysts in Scrum
How Agile Helped Me Survive Being a Business Analyst
What is the Role of a Business Analyst in Scrum?

Lean Startup [TOP]

A Pivot, preserve, kill decision
Lean Start-Up, and How It Almost Killed Our Company
Putting Pivots Into Practice – CSP Fast Pass Case Study
Lean Startup Books

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) [TOP]

Enterprise Lean Startup Experiment Examples
Finding the Truth Behind Minimum Viable Products
How to Choose the Right Product Validation Technique in Scrum
Making sense of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Minimum Viable Product: a guide
Minimum Viable Products for Enterprises
Straightforward Tactics for Testing Minimum Viable Products
The Art of Prototypes and Building MVPs

PO Tools and Ideas [TOP]

12 Tips for Product Owners who want better performance from their Scrum Teams
Basic Introduction to the Product Backlog
Feature Injection a Tool for Product Owners
Learning and Exploration vs Execution
Making the Product Backlog DEEP
Scrum By Example: Technical Items in the Product Backlog
Should we get rid of the Product Backlog?

Personas [TOP]

A Template for Writing Great Personas
Approaches to Creating Personas [PDF warning!]
Five Approaches To Creating Lightweight Personas
Persona “How To & Tools”
Pragmatic Personas

Portfolio Management [TOP]

Building Trust Through Right-sized Initiatives
Kanban Portfolio View
Kanban Portfolio View – Continued
Managing an Agile Project Portfolio
Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management – IDLE TEAMS
Using Blocker Clustering, Defect Clustering, and Prioritization for Process Improvement
Visualize your Project/Product Portfolio using a Kanban Wall
Portfolio Management Books

Prioritization [TOP]

7 Steps to Getting Stakeholders to Agree on Priorities
An Introduction to Cost of Delay
Collaborative Prioritization Exercise
Cost of Delay
Teach Someone to Prioritize Using Psychological Distance
The Problems with Estimating Business Value
Using Economics to Prioritize Your Product Backlog

Prioritization Techniques and Models [TOP]

20 Product Prioritization Techniques: A Map and Guided Tour
Business Value Game (or Poker)
How Kano model helps to agile product backlog prioritization
Innovation Games – Buy a Feature
Wiegers’ Relative Weighting Model

Product Owner Role [TOP]

Demystifying the Product Owner Role
Every Great Product Owner Need a Good ScrumMaster
Evolution of the PO and UX roles on team: The Overlap
One Page Product Owner
Product Owner isn’t just a Business Analyst on Steriods
Product Owner Responsibilities
Product Owner Video from Henrik
The Product Owner’s Guide to the Sprint Retrospective
We Don’t Hire Product Owners Here
Which UX Skills should Product Owners and Product Managers Have?
Product Owner Role Books

Roadmaps and Strategy [TOP]

10 Tips for Creating an Agile Product Roadmap
A 3x3x3 Perspective for getting your Vision, Strategy, and Product aligned
Effective Product Roadmaps
Story Mapping and Impact Mapping
Story Mapping and Impact Mapping Books
Roadmaps and Strategy Books

Specification by Example [TOP]

Acceptance Test Driven Development from the Trenches
Scrum By Example – The Team Collaborate on Acceptance Criteria
Wikipedia on Specification By Example
Specification by Example Books


Managing UX in Scrum Project
Lean UX
Lean UX Books
UX Books

User Stories [TOP]

Agile Atlas on User Stories
Alternative formats for User Stories
An Alternative Concise Description of User Stories [PDF warning!]
Another Alternative User Story Format
Conversational Stories
Life Cycle of a User Story
User Stories Presentation from Mike Cohn
Using Vertical Slicing and Estimation to make Business Decisions at Adobe
Vision to User Stories – What is the Best Flow?
Whole Stories for Whole Teams
Story Splitting
Acceptance Criteria
User Stories Books

Vision and Visioning Tools [TOP]

8 Tips for Creating a Compelling Product Vision
Agile Product Planning: Vision, Strategy, and Tactics
Agile Scenarios and Storyboards
Innovation Game – Product Box
Product Canvas – beyond the Product Backlog
The Business Model Canvas
The Product Vision Board
Why Lean Canvas vs. Business Model Canvas?