Five Steps for creating high-performance teams, presented by Agile Pain Relief. The five agile principles are 1) Form Stable Teams, 2) Value Cohesion, 3) Coach Teams & Interaction, 4) The Water Cooler Location Matters, 5) Specific & Challenging Performance Goals.

Certified Scrum Trainer Mark Levison offers insight into the neuroscience of teams with five proven Agile methods to create teams that sizzle not fizzle. Get a FREE e-book copy of Five Steps Towards Creating High-Performance Teams and put your team on the path to high-performance success.

Scrum is a tool for building high-performance teams. Some Scrum Teams achieve this goal almost by magic, while others struggle to get there.
So is it magic? Or luck? Or is it far more attainable than that? There is a Science to it that makes it possible.
Mark Levison, Five Steps Towards Building High-Performance Teams

Get your free copy of the “5 Steps for Creating High-Performance Teams” e-book.

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