We respect your time and training. That’s why when we offer a course, we are committed to deliver it as promised.

We don’t believe in the practice used by some trainers of shotgunning the calendar with courses, intending to cancel anything that doesn’t book a promising number of seats. This approach leaves you and your training plans by the wayside in the pursuit of profits.

Instead, we carefully plan our courses around rational travel plans (we travel a lot!) and demand patterns that we’ve seen since starting Agile Pain Relief in 2009.

Occasionally we may need to shift area venues (normally a comparable venue near the original location) to better accommodate training size and needs, and rarely a travel or medical emergency will throw a wrench into plans, but these are true exceptions (we’ve had to reschedule once in the last two years).

As always, our cancellation and refund policy protects you, and our Private Training can fulfill dates and locations of your choosing.