Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Training Courses

Upcoming Certified Advanced ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Courses

Agile Pain Relief Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® Training — Learn effective techniques to handle the complex challenges faced by Scrum teams and organizations.

This two-day workshop isn’t going to be slideware or a long, boring recitation of learning objectives.

Instead of blindly following a list of the mechanics of Scrum, we focus on the Scrum mindset: why we use Scrum and how to apply it effectively.

This is one of the few training courses in the world where the neuroscience and psychology of teams is discussed, and is led by Certified Scrum Trainer® Mark Levison, an Agile expert since 2001.


  • At least one (1) year of experience using Scrum in a working environment.
  • No background in software required. This course is designed to be accessible for professionals using Scrum in all kinds of industries.
  • A valid Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM) accreditation is not a prerequisite to attend the course but is necessary for Advanced ScrumMaster certification.

Key Concepts

This course covers the following, through a mix of in-class lectures and practical exercises designed to introduce and expand on the following concepts, practices, and methods:
  • Learn how to improve the flow of development, from Vision to Completed Product
  • Practice solving the most common challenges that teams experience and how to avoid them
  • Explore the challenge of collaboration across multiple teams
  • Practice facilitating more effective meetings, from Daily Scrums to Retrospectives
  • Improve your effectiveness with various Agile tools commonly used in the practice of Scrum
  • Complete the education requirements to become a Advanced Certified ScrumMaster®


Day 1
8:59 — 5:01
  • Opening and Introduction
  • Scrum Events – How to Explain Them in a Business Setting
  • Daily Scrum Gone Wrong (You Practice Facilitating to Refocus)
  • Why High-Performance Teams are Magical
  • Coaching vs. Facilitation – When Does the Difference Matter?
  • You Design a Retrospective For a Struggling Team
Coffee and refreshments provided during breaks
Day 2
8:59 — 5:01
  • Backlog Refinement – What to Do When You Don’t Have a Great Vision
  • The Use of Tools – From Vision to Product Backlog
  • How to Solve Impediments
  • Achieving a Better Definition of “Done”
  • Teams and Multi-Team Scrum – How to Scale without Additional Bureaucracy
  • Effective Facilitation Tools and Practice
  • Becoming a Better ScrumMaster – Playing the Role Well
Coffee and refreshments provided during breaks