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Agile Pain Relief Agile Leadership Training — Giving leadership and management the tools and techniques to enable Agile within their organization

With the growing adoption of Agile, there is a need for a holistic approach for organizations to employ Agile throughout all aspects of business, rather than within specific teams. Expanding Agile methods from their traditional applications as development or product management tools into all areas of the organization requires a new set of skills in the management suite: Agile Leadership.

Agile Leaders and Agile Leadership empower their organization from the top down to:

  • Instill and practice Agile values, methods, and metrics at the organizational level
  • Enable teams to deliver more customer value
  • Remove barriers to team success
  • Foster creative solutions
Agile Leadership is private, three-day, hands-on workshop led by Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) Mark Levison targeted towards leaders, influencers, and managers within organizations that employ — or are planning to employ — Agile. Participants will learn core Agile concepts, processes, and practices, and how Agile can be used as a tool for organizational change to increase productivity and improve employee and customer satisfaction.
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