"Mark rocks! His extensive real world experience combined with his depth of knowledge of Scrum processes and tools made for a superior learning opportunity with lots of fun along the way. Highly recommend!"

Steven Cooper

"Insanely terrific. I have been bored silly at some Agile training classes. This was 100% interesting… okay, 98%. Very clear, Exceptional memory! I get it now - the value of a *real* pro scrum master."

Simon Crum

"I've taken many courses over the years and this was the most educational, enjoyable experiences with valuable activities and worthwhile well-researched content."

Ron Woodford

"Very concise, clear material. Lots of experience went into the material and live explanation."

Justin Ledoux

"We covered a vast amount of information in 2 days - all extremely helpful! Mark kept the class engaged and it is clear he is enthusiastic and believes in the methodology he is teaching, which has a very positive influence. He was open to discussing topics the class had questions about while fitting in a lot of other valuable items!"

Jennifer Samson

"There was not a single bit of content that wasn't helpful."

Bruno Paquette

"Very knowledgeable and great communication skills to explain complex concepts in simple ways."

Ricard Montolio

"This was the first professional class I've taken that gave me a more in depth perspective of the scrum process. Really concise in explanations. Stays on topic as best as possible. Extremely helpful."

Michelle Kong

"Mark is an awesome instructor. A very patient instructor that welcomes all questions. He is definitely the Yoda of the Scrum universe."

Ting-Yu Lin

"The instructor has an uncanny ability to articulate concepts and make learning fun and enjoyable."

Bilal Rasool

"Mark is engaging and energetic. He made what could have been a dry topic quite enjoyable."

Paul Brown

"Mark is a great instructor, very educated and helpful about Scrum and Agile. The course is very thorough and way better than typical Scrum training I have attended in the past"

Rishi Patel

"Excellent. 5 on the scale of 1 to 5."

Suhas Kumar

"Excellent communicator and interacts well with the class. Great knowledge of course material and a genuine advocate of Scrum."

Tony Cavallari

"Mark is a very engaging instructor. He combines his scrum master knowledge with humour and demonstrates both in real situations. He has inspired me through this course to be a great scrum master!"

Lisa Madokoro

"Mark really knows his stuff, and not only about scrum mastering but also development process and product ownership. Highly recommended."

Jamie Saliga

"This has been the most useful training course I have taken. Even though we have been practicing "Scrum" for years there was no useless content."

Simon Haisz

"Great course. Covers the essentials and deals with a lot of potential situations and ways to handle them. Mark had great room presence and was a great communicator."

Michael van den Beuken

"Mark is an awesome instructor who does an excellent job of describing Scrum. Brilliant course!"

Tom Barnaby

"Two thumb up! = Great, very worthy for the money I paid."

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Galindo

"Going into this training course my expectation was between boring and somewhat engaging as per my previous experience with training. I was pleasantly surprised. I found Mark entertaining and the course material laid out in a way as to keep the class engaged and interactive at all times. Well done. Will not hesitate to recommend your class(es) to anyone."

Jean-Michel Hurtubise

"Everything was excellent. I loved how the backlog basics were in the story board for the course. Excellent life examples in the course."

Tony Severenuk

"Great to get this training from the subject matter expert."

Nisha Agsawal

"True value demonstrated outside of the software development world."

Theresa Bickle

"It was a pleasure learning with Mark. The scrum-like structure of the course made it interactive and fun."

Florent Gonthier

"Amazing and inspiring. I am ready to go change my working life."

Thomas Waine

"Great! Fun! And I learned something too! Seriously, one of the best training sessions for my personal growth."

Pierre Versailles

"The course and instructor were dynamic and engaging and open to a variety of participants."

Daniel Raillant-Clark

"Great course! Interesting and fun. Not a moment of dullness."

Roma Shah

"Instructor was very well connected with the teams. Immense knowledge on Agile and Scrum."

Deepa Mallesh

"Well versed in knowledge and provided great "philosophical" thinking towards solutions to problems at work. Fun and approachable. Encourages solution formulation yourself."

Kang Chu

"Mark is one of the most engaging instructors I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from. Thanks again for the start in Scrum!"

Matt Martin

"Mark is extremely academically knowledgeable in this space. This knowledge mixed with his real world experience and ability to engage a group makes his class a delightful experience."

Melissa Miller

"Excellent reinforcements of concepts and techniques on Agile-related challenges. Mark delivered the course at an excellent pace. I thoroughly enjoyed the session as he kept the team engaged with useful examples and in-depth topic knowledge. Great reinforcement of Agile concepts."

Seeha Gupta

"Very good instructor. Held my attention throughout, provided very good thinking and provided good insights."

Adrian Roberts

"Instructor is very knowledgeable and delivers the course extremely well. Makes it interesting!"

Brian Anderson

"Very good format and flow to course. Good idea to structure course in Agile format so we can experience Agile first hand."

Julia Anderson

"Mark is very enthusiastic and responsive, good at eliciting participation, diverse exercises to keep us from getting bored, informative answers. Good focus on cross-functional teams and sharing non-dev where we fit in."

Carly Hill

"Mark has extensive experience on which he can call on to illustrate the reason for what works and what does not."

Mark Christmas

"The course and exercise were well designed to add value compared to reading about Scrum. Mark is an effective presenter, keeping things interesting and often entertaining."

Gordon Eastman

"Great course. I learned enough to get me started doing Scrum. The instructor really knows the content and made pleasant and dynamic the delivery."

Carlos Majarres

"Mark has been a great facilitator, instructor, and extremely knowledgeable on teaching Scrum. Great analogies and references cited."

Wilfred Man

"Mark is a great instructor for a difficult topic. The course was great to establish Agile/Scrum basics."

Hansil Shah

"Did a great job getting the information across. Provided real-world examples and concrete solutions that were helpful. Q&A throughout added a lot."

Jacob Dewey

"Mark did an excellent job keeping the course dynamic and informative. I would have loved a few more days to really dig into some subjects."

Tim Koop

"Very knowledgeable and had many keen insights on the human behaviour aspect of scrum."

Brent Zaparniuk

"Wonderful course and instructor. Fantastic mix of theory and pragmatism. Concepts applicable to non-software development. Very valuable. Well done!"

Margaret Uminska

"Awesome course. I will be able to apply a number of concepts immediately to help our effectiveness at work."

Daryl Powley

"Instructor was great, very knowledgeable and open to questions. The course opened my eyes to scrum mechanics. I now understand what Scrummaster in the team was attempting to do."

Sharon Jeremiah

"Great workshop by Mark. Levels of engagement to collaboration were awesome!"

Jason Quong

"The instructor demonstrates solid knowledge on Agile and scrum fundamentals. The course is interesting and easy to follow."

Don Lin

"Instructor is knowledgeable and also a good instructor (you don't always get both!) Course was well done with enough 'meat' to enable students to implement core concepts without overwhelming."

Cassandra Huggs

"Engaged every minute of the course."

Eugene Lipkovich

"Very well done course. Very experienced, knowledgeable instructor, well structured course, clear explanation, keeps nice spirit during the course, encourages for collaboration."

Dina Dolgonossova

"Dynamic, gets the class to answer instead of giving the answer, got me engaged with the content."

Marie-Josee Roy

"Mark is an excellent instructor and has great techniques to help us understand and learn the material of the course."

Miguel Naronjo

"Excellent! Useful training techniques. Useful anecdotes, exercises, and reference material."

Joel Smith

"Lots of information and data for a great walk through about the agile methodology."

Pierre-Michel Arcand

"Course content is engaging and interactive. Instructor makes agile exciting and shows deep knowledge."

Reggie Tan

"Mark was highly engaged and collaborative with the class. Helped reinforce my understanding of Scrum and educate me on best practices and tools I can utilize in my work."

Faisal Mian

"The course was well laid out, a good mix of discussions, examples, and practice."

Chris Felice

"Informative and recommend every team doing (or going to do) scrum to learn the course."

Lian Yang

"Mark was very engaging, and his training session helped to increase my knowledge of Agile and Scrum."

Tiffany Martindale

"Mark is an excellent instructor who is passionate about the subject and the people involved."

Lou McNamee

"Mark is very knowledgeable and open/fair when answering questions or comments from the class. The course did a great job of covering scrum."

Darryl Campbell

"I like the way the course was taught through examples and games. I found personal anecdotes helpful in understanding concepts."

Randy Elias

"Mark is very knowledgeable and the course provides a very solid understanding of scrum and the scrum master role."

Mona Slaunwhite

"Very knowledgeable and examples that are applicable to our reality."

Allen Sinfield

"Using Scrum to teach Scrum. Perfect."

Andrew Codrington

"Instructor is very knowledgeable, approachable and fun which aids learning."

Kevin Meck

"Mark is incredibly well prepared and professional. Best instructor I've ever had, period."

Kevin Dutour

"I liked the Powerpoint-less approach. It kept me more engaged and was less barrier in learning."

Geoff Duber

"Very enthusiastic and diplomatic. Very knowledgeable. Course was enjoyable."

Chris Mennie

"The material/presentation were top notch. Demonstrations/examples were very good. Instructor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable."

Norm Ross

"Strong instructor, great knowledge of the material. A very good pace."

Ken Aarts

"I recommend all newbees in Agile to take Mark's class. End of the day, you will walk out with confidence."

Hema Parthasarathy

"Course was great. Mark was terrific! Kept us involved and thinking."

Anne Duncan

"Mark was awesome, very enthusiastic about the subject and more importantly was very knowledgeable about Scrum Master role and Scrum."

David O'Driscoll

"The whole course was both helpful and valuable. I found Mark to be knowledgeable and engaging."

Tim McGuire

"Thumbs up! Easy to follow. Engaging and thought provoking."

Neil Oullette

"I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. In addition to what I learned about the processes and methods I also appreciated learning the human aspect as well."

Matthew Samuel

"Very thorough and engaging. Flexibility and self-organization of the course was great."

Brendan Spooner

"This was a very illuminating overview of Scrum roles and best practices, taught by a very engaging instructor."

Douglas Godding

"Great course, absurdly knowledgeable instructor. Does pushups."

Igor Tomachevski

"No nonsense, practical approach, dynamic, very instructive."

Yanick Blenkhorn

"Love it. I'm a repeat offender and have recommended Mark multiple times."

Alex Gretencord

"Really dynamic! Use scrum tools to control the flow of the course which is a good example."

Marc Langlois

"You'll spend two great days with amazing people around and learn a lot while laughing. Take this course!"

Stephane Leybold

"Very informative and up to my expectations. I loved the availability of the instructor."

Nicolas Rousseau-Lirette

"Excellent material and great passion from Mark. The training went above my expectations."

Bryan Torres

"Mark Levison was an excellent instructor: knowledgeable, personable, and very approachable. The course material was clear and I felt like the coverage was appropriate."

Ken McIver

"Very thorough. The copious use of examples were very helpful!"

Kevin Hernandez

"Excellent format; close groups, format's a plus. Instructor is very good at relating information in layman terms."

Amar Sangha

"Very instructive course and thought provoking. I will use it in a unique way and it gave me an approach that will allow it to work for me."

Mike Gobban

"Very knowledgeable on the topic. Able to communicate message effectively through stories."

Nish Samfata

"Passionate and enthusiastic instructor, excellent course and materials."

Don Clark

"Excellent taught and gave a great understanding of Scrum."

Cameron Mann

"Good course and instructor was great. I didn't fall asleep once."

Samsong Chungtham

"I thought the material and instructor was excellent. It was a full two days!"

Shawn Dunne

"I found the instructor extremely engaging and very knowledgeable about the subject. The time flew by!"

Granville Gibbons

"Great course! My future teams will be thankful to be a high performance team."

Filipe Polina Affonso

"Mark was engaging, knowledgeable, well-read and provided great examples."

Warren Chu

"Very knowledgeable in the topic, and always open for healthy discussion and willing to clarify our questions."

Higo Martinez

"Excellent course, great depth of knowledge from the instructor, well paced and well run."

Kurt Oswald

"Enjoyed and learned much more than expected out of a two day course."

Ian MacLeod

"Course was informative and entertaining. There was good participant involvement and useful examples."

George Carey

"Mark was great explaining the concepts of Scrum. Practical solutions with testing and QA Implementation."

Ramya Radha

"Mark was great! He was honest and open at points during the training - always reseting the expectations of Scrum, driving home the framework, what it will do and will not do. He is helpful and willing to answer questions."

Dawn Dixon

"Well structured training. Excellent communication skills."

Khaled Mammou

"Well done. Good use of different activities and teaching styles to keep things interesting."

Orrie Shannon

"Very knowledgeable instructor. His experience is obvious."

Mark LeGassick

"Instructor has in-depth knowledge of subject. Always agreeable. Answers questions readily and with example."

Sylvie Thompson

"AMAZING! Funny, interesting, engaging course!"

Bassem Hamdi

"A great two days of knowledge, practice, and discussion."

Heather Dennis

"Awesome! Knowledgeable, adaptable, focused but still fun."

Greg Romman

"Excellent instructor and very knowledgeable. I feel much more prepared for a process that I am already a part of."

Shamir Ramji

"Much more than expected. Great experience! I appreciate it very much!"

Alfredo Fonseca

"I enjoyed Mark's personality and the vast knowledge he provided."

Adrian Camaroschi

"Mark is an excellent instructor, the course was well organized and well paced."

Thong Truong

"Excellent course! Engaging teacher and helped me realize what I need to improve on. Glad I came!"

Katherine Teh

"Mark presented the course material in a clear manner with appropriate examples to clarify when required, even to a non software industry person like me."

Natasha Whitehouse

"To the point and with passion!"

Colin Moore

"Fantastic course. I am excited about implementing more of what I learned."

Andrew Braithwaite

"Very well put together and organized. Great teacher who uses lots of examples."

Kunal Sharma

"Mark was a pleasure to learn from. His knowledge and enthusiasm were refreshing."

Harold Miller-Koren

"Good course and Mark is an awesome facilitator. Loved the way Mark conducted the training."


"I really enjoyed the course. Mark really understands the topic and is willing to go into great depth about items the students wished. Very enjoyable."

Mark McGregor

"Great seminar, very helpful and Mark showed us in real time examples the application of Scrum."

Pierre El-Sabbagh

"I would like my whole freaking business to get this course! Best. Training. Ever."

Martin Doucet

"Very much appreciated the training material as it has direct implication in our project methodologies."

Mizan Chowdhury

"This course gave me a new insight into delivering better software for the customer more effectively."

Len Carlsen

"I though the class was great. I liked how the class was structured in a Scrum Agile way and how we got to choose what to focus the class time on."

Ryan Dullum

"This course has validated what I want to do for the rest of my career."

Diane Kermode

"This course was a real eye opener and I hope it will not be like preaching in the desert. [Mark is] a great orator and I would love to listen to [his] thoughts for hours."

Marc-Andre Lamond

"Focused and aware of how much Scrum content needed to be covered to provide attendees with a thorough Scrum/Agile understanding."

Fran Webster

"Instructor is well-prepared for the course and is very knowledgable about Scrum and Agile."

Sumy Zhang

"Mark's ability to adapt to the background of students and relate to their organization's characteristics adds exceptional value. This course isn't just for software development!"

Paul Austin-Menear

"Mark was very engaging and provides an excellent overview of the Scrum methodology."

Stephane Laurendeau

"Knowledgable about scrum and has good points to make me understand why things are done and avoid pitfalls."

Harry Wentland

"Excellent job of teaching about using scrum. Very good job engaging the class and providing a fun place to learn. Full moneys worth."

Eric Cook

"Did a great job of engaging us and encouraging participation. I feel inspired to better my team and organization using the knowledge I gained."

Michael Delong

"Mark is a great teacher and is very good at engaging people. Really gets the spark going!"

Julien Lavoie

"Excellent instructor providing clear explanations. The course structure is flawless."

Benoit Nadon

"Mark is the real s**t. He's lived through the pain points and knows where the bodies are buried."

Christian Farley

"Mark is insightful, a pleasure to listen to, and inspires me toward making the changes needed so that I can work out a high-performance team."

Mike Sollanych

"I was impressed. The most valuable thing was not the principles (already knew most intellectually) but the instructor's zen master answers to challenges and questions. This aided in more intuitive knowledge."

David Ackerman

"Overall excellent instruction to Agile, practical exercises worked well, foundation to applications of principles and desire to learn more established."

Stuart Bourhill

"Awesome. Enlightenment for pain points like overtime, too many WIP, motivation, etc."

Susie Lin

"Mark was an extremely knowledgable, effective teacher, responded well to students, and has an excellent sense of humour."

Kely Banadyga

"Great agenda, engaging instructor, relevant examples and exercises. 10/10 rating"

Ed Alvarez

"I find the instructor very knowledgable and experienced in Scrum. He was very well organized and prepared for the course. He encouraged in class participation and elevated course content with real life examples. Well played! The course, its content and material covered Scrum very well."

Alena Chardarova

"Running the course as a Scrum project and including a real Scrum exchange really reinforced the material."

David Craig

"Mark did an excellent job instructing, keeping the team focused and engaged. I really enjoyed the two days."

Mike Stiles

"Very knowledgable instructor that kept the course interesting. Course material was awesome!"

Dave Penny

"Thanks again for the great insights at the CSM course last month. Scrum really is a magnifying glass for issues. We identified quite a few with our systems within the first couple of days and are now radically overhauling how we assign budgets to projects."

Paul Austin-Menear

"A good introduction about Scrum, roles of PO, SM and team. Opened up my thoughts on how it could be applied/practiced effectively and efficiently to build a good team."

Rajesh Melarcode

"The instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgable on Agile. His teaching methods were very clever and humble. I feel that all the course attendees found him experienced and clever."

Jamin Islam

"Mark is an excellent trainer with examples and practices. Very organized and the best thing is his response to our questions with example, in addition, the amount of references that might help us improve as a Scrum master."

Dona Abou-Younes

"The positive focus on people and the team was excellent. Incorporating the Scrum process in the actual training session is brilliant."

Michael Johnson

"Being engaged in activities with a group gave valuable insight into the problems we might face in our organizations. This course was great! I was never bored and enjoyed working with others. The course instructor was approachable, clear, and great at proving points."

David Boyko

"The course empowers you to grow both as a manager and an effective team member. Will be useful to any company which wants to build highly effective teams."

Pavel Bryukhanov

"Instructor was very knowledgeable. Situations we brought forward he was able to help us detemine the source of the issue without telling us. Great coach!"

Elsie Soetaert

"The simulations and exercises were extremely useful in the understanding of the concept. Mark made the course thoroughly enjoyable. Extremely pleased by the techniques used and the content of the course."

Dhaval Shah

"Instructor was very engaging and helped me learn a lot and I have a lot of actions to take back to hep the team. I think we learned enough to help the team and guide them effectively as a Scrum master."

Ian Rintoul

"I really appreciated the experience as a whole. Great valuable content. Super trainer. Experienced and flexible."

Marie Manseau

"Lots of information. Agenda was covered in full. Role play very effective. If you can apply the Scrum, is a very good course to attend."

Mitch Raducanoiu

"Awesome course, stimulating content and very engaging coach. Feel positive about Scrum."

James Wood

"What a great course! I feel that I got exactly what I needed. Mark did an amazing job showing me what I could easily do and what I should accept will take time. Amazing class!"

Angela Sethi

"I've been to a few Scrum courses for the past year and I must say that this was the best course I have attended. Gracefully covered the entire subject with the right depth."

Rafael Santos

"Great instruction and high levels of interaction made for an enjoyable course. I gained a greater appreciation for the ScrumMaster role and the game of Scrum!"

Kevin Bowen

"Mark is an excellent instructor with lots of experience-based knowledge. He goes beyond teaching the basics by applying, and letting us apply the knowledge to real world example."

Ettore Colicchio

"Really enjoyed the course. Mark has a unique way of explaining concepts that have a very positive effect on the learning process."

Daniel LeGrand

"It was an excellent seminar. It gave us hands-on exercises. I can see lots of challenges ahead as I try to implement changes to our Scrum team. Should be a fun and interesting journey!"

Ann Margaret Gabatin

"Course provided a comprehensive review of Scrum and how it should play out in the real world."

Lexie Youngson

"Mark clearly presents the Scrum process and principles. He provides background information and stories to reinforce these techniques."

Richard Chan

"I like to recommend this course to other team members to help everyone get to the same mindset and understanding. I gained a clearer understanding of what Agile really is and I'd like to see it work in my future projects."

Lynda Stahn

"Very informative and interesting introduction to the concepts and principles of Agile development and Scrum."

Michael Ham

"Fantastic two days. Loved the incorporation of practical exercies. Lots of feedback and helps you understand how people think."

Tony Koo

"Mark makes accessible that which is seemingly vague. He energizes and encourages discourse and embodies what I believe Agile means."

Eban Tomlinson

"After 24+ years of traditional thinking, this was refreshing and new. Can't wait to begin implementing at work. Thanks, Mark!"

Kristine Nelson

"This is one of the best courses I took. I liked the 'hands on' Scrum technique. I liked the open discussions and how the instructor motivated people and kept them engaged."

Magda Sincu

"Course gave me clarity on the basic principles of Scrum. Drove home the power of 'team'."

Lia Pernatozzi

"Excellent!! Thoughtful, well presented and very enthusiastic. Lots of great information packed into a concise program."

Rolland Croteau

"This was a great introduction to the Agile world and methodology."

Guytwin Francois

"Mark made a challenging and complex process (Scrum) very clear and highlighted the benefits and opportunities in an engaging and entertaining way."

Jeremy Gordon

"This course has challenged me to take little steps within my tasks to be an effective team player. I also feel that the little tips and techniques will help me produce better quality in my projects. Enjoyed the use of SCRUM to conduct the training seminar and the group exercises or techniques presented because I felt engaged and they foster group participation."

Sally Chin

"It has been a long time where 5 days of work didn't feel like 5 days. The course was so fun, I really enjoyed coming into work."

Cong Ly

"I thought the courses were excellent, fun, and very thought-provoking. I see this course as an impetus for change for our organization. Highly recommended."

Jack Hsu

"I appreciate the opportunity to attend the workshop. I enjoyed the time spent with my fellow co-workers to learn together. Mark is passionate about Scrum and willing to dig into our problem and seek for the remedies to resolve."

Heather Johnson

"Mark Levison's teaching style is interactive and informative and really captures the essence of Scrum. I would recommend it to any company who struggles with the same issue we do - chaos!"

Philip Qumsieh

"Mark has a deep understanding of the Scrum methodology. He is a good listener and he's able to adapt to his audience. I am really satisfied and will recommend Mark."

Eric Lanoir

"Great course. I was unfamiliar with the role of Scrum master apart from what I had read. This course gave me a great introduction and appreciation of what a good Scrummaster can accomplish. The challenge now would be to implement it in my organization. Many tips were provided for this too so I am very optimistic."

Shabira Jaffer

"Very informative course on the use of Scrum for software development. It covers all the areas of Scrum, including all the key players and demonstrates how the roles, responsibilities and process work together to create effective, self organizing teams."

Amera Parker

"[Agile Pain Relief's CSM Training] was a really good way to understand the concepts of the Scrum Agile practice, making us exercise and see how a real Agile organization works."

Newton deFaria

"This course helped me understand the principles of Agile and how to implement it to achieve better performance with any team while having a good time. Really like the balance between the exercises and the theory."

Pierre Lebrun

"A great course for those who wish to change their conventional PM perspective to a more open and Agile one."

Catherine Hopwood

"Having been a Scrummaster for a while, I was looking for a refresher - but I got a whole discovery out of it."


"This course is valuable to anyone who would like to be introduced to Scrum. It was a well spent two day course and was very helpful. Mark is very knowledgeable and a very good coach."

Ronald Halabi

"Mark was entertaining and kept the [CSM Training] course moving. We covered the basics and more, and it makes going back to work with reinforced skills and ideas on how to change our practices appealing instead of scary."

Samantha Cook

"Mark is very knowledgeable and communicates the value of Scrum very clearly. He uses real world examples which helps tremendously."

Matt Moore

"The instructor is clearly knowledgeable about Scrum and other [Agile] approaches. The course demonstrates the basics of Scrum very well."

Matthew Broadbridge

"Mark was able to provide valuable lessons in a short period of time. Using a variety of methods he illustrated and reinforced the key elements of Scrum."

Sean Burns

"I’ve found working on my project much easier after the [Certified ScrumMaster Training] course. I find I’m asking better questions and have a better sense of how to work on it."

Eric Sharf

"This course [CSM Training] provides a very thorough review of Agile Project Management using Scrum, with practical experience to help implement the methodology effectively."

Jean Bastarache

"I recommend this course [CSM Training] to anyone interested in Agile and Scrum. Mark is an interesting, well spoken instructor with the expertise to teach Agile so students can begin using it immediately. A really excellent course and instructor."

Anne Mokros

"I always look forward to reading Mark's newsletter emails on software development techniques since they are always filled with valuable and practical information. In particular, a recent note titled "Qualities of Good Unit Tests" was of particular value to me since it came at an opportune time."

Steven Chad Broshar

"Mark is a powerhouse when it comes to coaching and instructing agile teams. He continuously seeks out tips, recommendations, do’s and don’ts and combines those with his own practical experiences to help teams to reach their potential. There have been numerous times that Mark has forwarded an article, comment from a forum thread, video or personal experience that he knew would perfectly address challenges being experienced by IBM’s agile community. Mark is passionate, knowledgeable, hardworking and a true change agent."

Elizabeth Woodward

"I’m asking better questions and have a better sense of how to work"


"Best group of people I've had in a class [CSM class] in a while. The exercises brought people together. Great idea! Very engaging instructor."

Marlene Newton

"A very thorough review of Agile Project Management using Scrum."

"A really excellent course and instructor."

"Mark coached me and my team on scrum/agile. He also facilitated retrospectives for us. He's very knowledgeable and he comes very well prepared when facilitating. He's constantly trying to improve the statu quo. I recommend Mark as an Agile Coach."

Guillaume Senneville

"I was lucky enough to work with Mark in building our Agile Unit Testing, TDD, and refactoring community. It grew in size to over 400. Not only does Mark have keen technical skills, a gift for explaining topics, Agile in his DNA, but what sets him apart is his ability to grasp and drive towards the right strategic direction. He was so key to our Agile/TDD group Some folks with Mark's insight and intelligence are hard to communicate with. Not so in his case. He's great to get along with, and speaks well. The good thing about working for a large company for 25 years is you meet a lot of smart people. That gives me the perspective to know that Mark was one of the best. I'm sure anyone who gets to connect with him will be benefit right away."

Bill Krebs

"Mark is very knowledgable regarding Agile approach, methodologies and engineering practices. His strong technical skillset and background provide him with a good mix for coaching and/or implementing Agile in an organization."

Don Miller

"Mark is a great person to have on the team, very knowledgeable on Agile /.Net, always happy to discuss best practices and make excellent recommendations. His ability to get down in the low level details added great value for our team. I highly recommend Mark as an Agile Coach."

Roger Fortner